About The Water is Me Project

The Water is Me will give a musical voice to water on all seven continents.

Glenn McClure will compose music from sonified data in partnership with scientists and musicians around the world. He will also mentor other composers in the creative process of sonification. Music and Science need not be separated and musicians can play a vital role in a new era of ecological advocacy.

There is a finite amount of water on the planet

From the melting ice sheets in Antarctica to medieval water marks carved into stones along a river in the Czech Republic, our water has a story to tell.

  • There is finite amount of water on the planet.
  • No new water is being created.
  • 70% of the Earth is covered by water.
  • 60% of the human body is water.

That means that we share more with the planet and with each other than any of those other things that divide us.

Join Glenn

Follow Glenn McClure on this global journey to listen to the planet in new ways. Meet the courageous scientists that work to protect the rivers, lakes, oceans, and ice sheets. These projects will unfold as new partners join Glenn on this journey.